Jul 6, 2009

Coming back from the dead

Researchers are employing ingenious means to solve the haunting mystery of near-death experiences.

Are they real, or just imagination?

A British hospital is getting equipped with foolproof equipment to test people who are clinically dead, but then come back.

A French researcher has developed his own methods.

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1 Comment:

Juhani said...

Most people are probably curious about what lies ahead after death, beyond the border of death. This may be a reason why they seek knowledge from spiritism sessions or books that discuss this issue. Many have also had personal close-to-death experiences – i.e., experiences when their heart has stopped in the hospital or in connection with an accident and when they may have seen themselves as if from the outside; they may have seen the operations done to them or the entire operating room. Some may have also seen in connection with their experiences a being of light that seems to be full of ‘love and compassion’.

The major topic as comes to this conversation is indeed generally connected with the question of whether all near death experiences are positive and will everybody end up fine beyond the border in spite of the way they have lived on the Earth. Many researchers want to believe this but is it true?