May 12, 2009

"How This Kid Made $60 Million"

A Businessweek cover story in 2006, featuring Digg founder Kevin Rose in one the world's most regrettable photographs.

Businessweek reporter Sarah Lacy explains her controversial article.

Robert Kevin Rose (born February 21, 1977 in California) is an entrepreneur who first became well known as an on-air talent and later as a co-host working on TechTV's popular show The Screen Savers (which later became Attack of the Show! on G4) until his departure from the network on May 22, 2005. Rose is also well known for his Internet start-ups that he has co-founded: Revision3, Pownce, WeFollow and most notably the social-bookmarking website Digg. He is also co-host with Alex Albrecht on Diggnation, a weekly podcast discussing the most popular content submitted to Digg.

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